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"Owners, hoteliers let us help you find your customers"
For Owners

If you own an apartment and wish to rent it out on a seasonal basis, we can offer two possibilities: to fully manage and rent your apartment or to simply handle your bookings.

The fully manage:
Finding tenants
Drawing up rental agreements
Being in attendance when tenants arrive and leave,
Checking maintenance and equipment,
Drawing up a detailed inventory of equipment and items provided,
Offering tenants 24/7 assistance during their stay if required.

Simply handle your bookings
We will add you apartment to the owner's list already featured on our website.
We will then simply ask that you specify the periods in which you wish to rent your apartment, to keep us updated on rental availability and let us know your daily, weekly and monthly net rental price.
You can regain your apartment when you wish it and without notice as long as you respect any bookings already effected.

The apartments we list must fulfill the following criteria:
Located in a nice area, preferably close to tourist attractions,
Fully equipped and furnished,
Kitchen and bathroom in perfect working order,
Clean and comfortable beds,
Lounge with television and -if possible-wi fi,
Household linens (dusters, sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, bath towels,..),
The apartment must have an insurance for renting.

Our primary concern is to offer our customers a comfortable, clean, peaceful, light apartment and to offer a quality service in order to make their stay pleasant and make them feel at home.

For Hotel and B&B managers

We invite you to let us add your B&B or Hotel to the list we offer on our website at the cost of a very small commission on bookings made through our website advertisement.

If you are interested, please complete click "Contact us"

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